Gateway Kia of Warrington & QuakertownPPC+CTV2021

Increasing the Quality of PPC Traffic and Leads

Gateway Kia of Warrington & Quakertown
About the project


Gateway Kia of Warrington & Quakertown


Revamp Gateway Kia’s PPC campaigns while still utilizing the micro-moment structure, but also adjusting the campaigns within each group to better convert. They also implemented a Connected TV (CTV) campaign to increase their leads.

About the client

20 years and counting

Gateway Kia of Warrington and Quakertown are both located in Pennsylvania. They have been in business for 20 years.

Our Success Story

The goal

Boost PPC traffic

The overall goal was to increase the quality of PPC traffic and increase PPC leads specifically. For CTV, Gateway Kia of Warrington and Quakertown decided to use the fourth quarter of 2020 to add a CTV campaign to their traditional cable buy to see if they could reach more potential customers.

The outcome

15.61% Converted

When looking at the 90 days prior to the strategy adjustment and then comparing that range to the following 90 days, we were able to increase PPC-specific leads for Warrington by 160% and Quakertown by 246%. For CTV, both Gateway Kia stores saw an increase in traffic to their stores in just one quarter for a very minimal cost. In fact, it only cost Gateway Kia approximately $.05 for each completed view, and 15.61% of converters were influenced by Gateway Kia’s CTV Ads.


Low funnel traffic

The strategy was to adjust our micro-moment PPC campaigns to capture higher quality traffic and increase conversions once on the website. Essentially, a micro-moment PPC campaign focuses on lower funnel traffic with customers that are already far into the steps of the purchasing process. By targeting those specific customers rather than a broad audience, the paid search campaign brought in leads that were much more likely to result in a sale.

For CTV, Sokal’s goals were clear: create custom AI look-a-like audiences built off the unique traffic to each website and then serve CTV ads to consumers who visited the website. By doing this, Sokal was able to serve ads using cross-device functionality, allowing for the ads to be viewed on multiple devices.


By the numbers

We were able to increase Warrington’s PPC leads by 160% (an increase of 263 leads) and Quakertown by 246% (389 leads). The average cost per click also decreased substantially for each store. Warrington decreased by 35% and Quakertown by 44%.

For CTV, Gateway Kia of Warrington saw 275,153 awareness audience impressions, and 30,874 retargeting audience impressions, with a total of 39,747 unique households reached and a 95% video completion rate. Gateway Kia of Quakertown saw 219,803 awareness audience impressions, and 25,539 retargeting audience impressions, with a total of 32,803 unique households reached and a 96% video completion rate.