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Leveraging the Service Lane to Increase Vehicle Sales

Kelly CJDR
About the project


Kelly CJDR


Kelly CJDR realized that confirming appointments for service is as important as confirming sales appointments. They worked with Sokal to create BDC Buy Back Campaigns from auto alerts, and increased sales appraisals for buyin a car through booked service appointments. Additionally, text only campaigns were deployed with monthly OEM incentives, including conquest emails and rebates to generate traffic on a monthly basis.

About the client

Risk free

As the premier Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram dealership in Pennsylvania, Kelly CJDR is dedicated to making vehicle shopping smooth, enjoyable, and most importantly, fast. They offer customers a “Risk-Free” used car buying experience with the 3-day money back guarantee. They are winners of the C1 Customer Satisfaction award.

Our Success Story

The goal

Appraisals of 60%

Their goal was to do appraisals on at least 60% of all cars through their service drive in order to increase vehicle buy-back from their current customers and ultimately sell more vehicles in return. Additionally, text campaigns were created to generate traffic for monthly OEM incentives.

The outcome

1 month, 82 appointments

In a one month period, 82 appointments were generated during the campaign, and in turn Kelly CJDR sold 12 vehicles.


Leveraging software

The strategy was to leverage Sokal’s Gemini software to generate more calls/texts/emails per hour, and thus more traffic. Kelly CJDR understands there is a great opportunity to generate business for any dealership from the service lane. Sokal worked with them to target people that are already in service to generate new sales. A second strategy was to isolate Auto Alerts leads with a score of at least 70% in order to trade in and buy new vehicles.

This type of campaign is often an oversight for most dealerships. Even if they have the equity mining tool in place, they cannot find the bandwidth to make the contacts. The Gemini software also leverages mass text messages to save time and reduce the number of calls to be completed. In this case, text messages were sent to previous leads that have not bought a vehicle in the last couple of years.


By the numbers

In a one month increment, 1,505 calls were generated, which created 161 engagements, 82 appointments, and in the end 16 trades-buybacks and 12 total automobile sales.


Calls generated