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Growing Retail Orders to Match a New Model Release

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About the project


Parkway Ford


In September 2021 we learned that Ford would be rolling out a new model for how they allocate new Ford inventory to dealers. Ford would essentially be limiting the total available Fords to the region by segmenting out a specific portion (45%) to retail order stock and 55% would be available as standard dealer allocations. To increase the dealer allocations, a dealership could close in on the retail supply to sell more total vehicles each month and essentially continually increase the available inventory that Ford allocates to their store (standard).

About the client

We have you covered

In 2020, Parkway Ford, with two locations in Winston Salem, NC, built a brand campaign entitled “We Have You Covered.” In early 2021, they engaged Shannon Eubank as their local spokesperson.

Our Success Story

The goal

Build awareness

Parkway Ford had two major goals for their campaign: First off, they needed to build awareness of this retail order campaign within the community while tapping into current customers and conquest opportunities. They also needed to capture leads from this campaign to increase retail orders.

The outcome

250 orders & counting

6 months ago before the campaign started, the store averaged around 10 retail orders in the system at any given time. 3 months after launching this campaign, they had over 250 retail orders in the system. Even without the highly sought after new Bronco, they had over 150 retail orders ranging across every model line. These retail orders in the system are units that will ultimately be produced and sold upon arrival to the dealership. The store’s sales performance will continue to increase and in turn they are earning incremental inventory to have in stock on their lot.


Strong landing pages

The aim was to generate awareness of this custom retail offering: We built a landing page to answer questions the customers may have, with a streamlined header image that explains the process, and a FAQ section. This page also captures lead information that pushes directly to the store to create the retail orders.

Tactics that drove traffic to this page include custom navigation to the website menu bar (Build My Ford) and extending the reach of the message on SRPs and VDPs with SR strips.

A contextual SRP/VDP popup coupon captured additional knowledge about this program. This coupon was set up to fire as an exit popup, so that once a customer navigates outside of the browser window it will offer them the option to custom order. This clicks to the retail order landing page. We also created a spot that started to air/run digital concurrently.


By the numbers

The landing page that was created to describe and promote the retail order process was in the top 10 pages visited on the website in the first 60 days! Consumers are engaging in the content with an average time of 2 mins on the page, and ultimately are engaging with retail orders.


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