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Improved UX and Increased Conversions with New Site

Stonecrest Honda Website
About the project


Stonecrest Honda


The goal was to conduct a website redesign and refresh to improve UX and increase engagement rate. This included a new homepage, pricing format, SRP/VDP layout, and CTA buttons.

About the client

State-of-the-art showroom

Stonecrest Honda is an auto dealership in Stonecrest, GA, and boasts a new state-of-the-art service center, immaculate new showroom, and plush waiting areas to create a welcoming atmosphere for new and used sales.

Our Success Story

The goal

Displayed, the right way

Stonecrest Honda recently built a new facility and as part of the relocation, they also wanted to give their website a complete makeover. For UX perspective/inspiration, they pointed out several 3rd party websites where the vehicle is prominently displayed with photos of the vehicles displayed prominently. They also wanted a clean, crisp website that was easy to navigate and engaging.

The outcome

Highly converted

After evaluating their current site, we put a major emphasis on improving UX. Then we set about improving conversion rate and focused on creating a clean and professional look. This concluded with a fully-redesigned and high-converting website that launched in conjunction with the relocation of the business and their new facility.

See the finished site:


Cleaner, simpler, better

Front end developers from Sokal’s website team designed a new homepage based on feedback from the client and the data that our account team provided. Then the main CTAs on the homepage were placed front and center to give customers what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. Also, a prominent search bar was added to give consumers the “Amazon” experience to direct them to exactly what they’re looking for on the website.

Finally, the SRP was formatted to allow more vehicles to be visible in a single screen with more vehicles per scroll. After that, the volume of interactions of CTAs were analyzed and those that were not yielding engagement were removed to create a cleaner, simpler, and more engaging experience for the consumer.


By the numbers

The 90 over 90 lead form improved 100% and the total conversion rate improved 50% since the launch of the new website in August 2021. There has also been a substantial increase in SRPs, VDPs, and total leads.


Boosted rate of conversion


Improved lead form