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Connected TV (CTV) lets your serve video ads to users on TV apps like Sling and Crackle, or on over-the-top (OTT) devices like Chromecast, Roku, and Xbox One. CTV ads are a great way to reach the growing digital TV audience.

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How it works

Due to the rise of these OTT services, many people have started cutting the cable cord and streaming television, especially the younger generation. In comparison to traditional media ads, the success and data of CTV can be tracked immediately, giving you the room to make adjustments wherever needed. Check out our blog for the top 3 reasons we think CTV should be a part of every marketing strategy.

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We use first and third party audiences to narrow down the radius and find the customers you are looking for. CTV can also be geo-targeted, reducing wasted coverage and allowing marketing to be more cost effective.

1st Party Audiences

First party data is the information that you collect directly from your audience or customers. This could look like audience behavior, actions or interests demonstrated across websites and apps, data collected from your CRM, subscription data, and social media data.

3rd Party Audiences

Third party data is bought from outside sources different from the original collector of the data. Instead of buying it from one large company, data is bought from large data aggregators that are able to pull it from various platforms and websites where the original data was generated. These aggregators pay publishers and other owners for their First Party data. Many different companies sell this kind of data, and it is accessible through various avenues. Rest assured, this data helps your ad find the right person!

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