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In today’s market, it is important that Automotive BDC departments have solid foundations in place that allow them to be flexible in the ever-changing marketplace. We look at your Internet Sales Operation as having Eight Cylinders that work together to produce outstanding results for your dealership.

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Before jumping into your BDC, we suggest taking advantage of Sokal's Secret Shops tool to see how you stack up against the competition.

Our experience with clients has taught us two very important things:

  • Light blue chevronIt can take time for your Business Development Center to mature and we have designed our consulting processes and tools to work in relation to your business trends.
  • Light blue chevronThe success of any Business Development Center lies outside the department as much as within. The 100% commitment of frontline managers and employees is vital to the dealership’s success.

Our Dealer Process Coaches work with you by adapting the best practices to fit in your ecosystem and to help produce the results you are looking for.

This could be:

  • Light blue chevronBuilding the BDC from the ground up
  • Light blue chevronHiring and Training new BDR’s
  • Light blue chevronWord Tracks, Templates, and Work Flow processes
  • Light blue chevronInteractive Training sessions focused on your needs
  • Light blue chevronStructure and adaptability to mold materials to fit your desired results

We believe in Crawl, Walk, and Run approaches to build long term behaviors with material that becomes personalized and builds empowerment within your BDC Department.


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Sokal Automotive Sales Training is designed to fit into your needs, established processes, and gets your team the results that you are looking for. We work to help train the People, Process, and Performance on the team.

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This is achieved by:

  • Light blue chevronEstablished Programs for Onboarding new hires that have no automotive experience to the most tenured Sales Professional.
  • Light blue chevronFlexibility and Customization of the material to fit into your established ecosystem at the dealership.
  • Light blue chevronA team that is focused on providing training that aligns to the job duties, core values, and company policies within your dealership.

Highlights from Established Programs:

  • Light blue chevronTiered training for new hires with Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Light blue chevronRehab training to refocus and establish a team for your areas of focus and training needs.
  • Light blue chevronPhone skills, CRM best practices, and Other focus areas to help your salespeople leverage the tools that they have to take ownership of their business.
  • Light blue chevronManager tools to help in the coaching process to keep the team engaged.

Benefits for the Dealership:

  • Light blue chevronJust like doctors, teachers, and athletes have continued training to build their skill sets, we believe the same approach improves sales performance of your team.
  • Light blue chevronEmployees that feel there is an investment in their career choice have a higher retention rate. They stay longer for not only you but the customers that you have earned.


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Whether you need to post an ad, build your company’s bench strength, interview new applicants, or assess your staff talent level, Sokal can help you achieve your recruiting goals in a cost-effective manner. We can post your ad to the job listing sites of your choosing, communicate with applicants, set up interview times, and even conduct the interviews if necessary. Our team will bring the applicants to your company’s manager for approval if we find that they meet the job requirements.

During the interview process, we conduct an online assessment for the desired job position. While this assessment may seem commonplace, Sokal handles the setup and proctoring of this test so that your company’s management team can focus on making sales. Our business development representatives produce a minimum of 100 calls a day, and we guarantee managers and employees that will make a difference for your business.

Our Consulting Staff

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Rebecca Sherrell

Rebecca Sherrell

Rebecca has worked in the auto industry for 14 years through the Sales and BDC Departments. She spent 5 years with True Car where she has learned to have a great understanding of lead sources and productivity that delivers results to dealerships. She believes in ensuring processes that help dealerships achieve results.

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