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Dealer Recruiting

Posting ads, interviewing applicants, and assessing staff talent just got easier. Sokal can handle your dealership recruiting needs in a cost-effective manner, bringing you applicants for approval if they meet the right requirments.

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How It Works

Sokal's dealer coaches can handle the entire recruiting process up to the final hiring decision. We will post your ads to job listing sites of your choosing, setup appointments, and then conduct the interviews to assess the qualification level. Our business development representatives produce a minimum of 100 calls per day, and we guarantee managers and employees that will make a difference.


Looking for a Different BDC Approach?

Gemini BDC

For only $8 a lead, you can hava a fully managed BDC. Your headaches, extra fees, and anything else associated with managing your BDC can go away. Even staffing and training is handled with Gemini.

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Secret Shops

Shop your store the way your customers do. With Secret Shops, you can see every email or hear every call captured with response time data on a score card. See how your bDC compares to the competition.

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Tell us a little bit about your dealership's BDC and we will reach out to get things started with your dealership recruiting!