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Sokal offers email marketing campaigns designed for the latest trends in consumer behavioral analytics. Our conquest emails are targeted in client DMAs to users who are likely to show interest in your products or services.

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Conquest Email

Conquest email campaigns

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting


Data-driven campaigns


In-house analytics and reporting

Marketing Strategies

Collaborative marketing strategies

Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness

How It Works

We can send emails to your internal database of leads and clients. Emails can also be sent to a group of individuals who are not in your database, based on specific targeted demographics that have been pre-selected. Whether you are trying to promote sales events, service deals, or just keep your audience informed, our detailed reports will show you what goes on in each send. We monitor who opened and click your emails to organize the best strategy.

What To Expect

Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your current customers while growing your pool of potential clients. Sokal's email team targets audiences based on the ideal demographic for your business. We include filters based on age, geneder, and income, which can all be altered based on your industry to best reach your future clients. We can also combine email campaigns with other targeted campaigns like Pre-Roll and Display Ads to increase your reach.

Email Marketing

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