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Gemini BDC Solutions offers your dealership substantial savings when compared to a properly staffed, in-store BDC. Sokal has options available to fit many different dealerships with costs as low as $8 per lead. The Gemini business development center program is managed by real people, not an automated bot.

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Dreams Really Do Come True

These are just a few of the perks that come with Sokal's Gemini Sales BDC. There is never any down time, and never a lack of communication about leads.

No hiring

No hiring pains


No lack of follow-up


No calling out sick


No family drama

HR Expenses

No HR payroll expenses


No distractions

Setting up the Gemini Sales BDC

When you use our automotive BDC service, we will start managing your leads within 15 days of collecting the necessary information. One of our account managers will gather all of the necessary items from your dealership and then a Gemini BDC coordinator will follow-up with your dealership to complete the onboarding process.


How does the lead management work?

Sokal's business development staff works with your dealership's internet manager to connect your CRM and setup the integration to our system. We import existing lead data into our platform (including the previous and current month leads) as well as any lists. Then, we test lead parsing options in the backend. Finally, we complete the process by training your dealership staff to use the platform.


How do I know if Gemini is right for my dealership?

Typically, dealerships that average 200 or more leads per month will see savings and improved results compared to the costs of an in-house communications center. Gemini is a true BDC with real people managing your leads and they are involved from start to finish. You no longer have to worry about staffing, training, and paying a BDC department when you use Gemini.


Reach out for more Gemini Sales info

We'd love to give you some more info about our Gemini Sales BDC program! Let us know a little about your company and your needs.

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