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Every dealership is trying to find ways to eliminate the headaches of running an in house BDC. Staffing, training, payroll and managing a BDC all go away with Gemini BDC. Get set up today.

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Dealerships aren't sure which BDC structure is right for them because there are so many moving parts and different versions (True BDC, Hybrid, Cradle-to-Grave, etc.). Staffing and training BDC personnel is also a challenge and, to top it off, how do you know what BDM and BDR pay-plans are right?


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BDC Training

In today's market, it is important that Automotive BDC departments have solid foundations in place that allow them to be flexible in the ever-changing marketplace. We look at your Internet Sales Operation as having eight features that work together, just like an engine, to produce outstanding results for your dealership.

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Secret Shops

Shop your store the way your customers do. With Secret Shops, you can see every email or hear every call captured with response time data on a score card. See how your BDC compares to the competition.

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