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It's not so much a product as it is a guarantee. Our graphic artists work to bring you the best creative possible in your industry, from leading automotive ads to print jobs like billboards and business cards. Our goal is to provide the tone and direction while matching your company's branding standards.

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How It Works

For dealerships, Sokal's account coordinators and artists collaborate to ensure that logos, vehicle advertisements, digital media, and print media appeal to customers while staying within manufacturer guidelines. For non-automotive clients, our marketing department works with the graphic artists to complete any and all projects such as branding and identity, web-designs, or just newly created digital ads. Plus, our creative is always included with any of our services.

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The Tools We Use

We stay up-to-date on the latest art and design trends, and we are dedicated to creating iconic and meaningful brands that connect with your intended audience. Sokal is proud to have the Adobe Creative Cloud at our disposal, as it allows us the tools necessary for unlimited creativity. Our artists compete in several competitions throughout the year and win awards from associations like GDUSA and American Advertising Awards, for categories like email, social media, production, and dealership websites.

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