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Sokal Digital is a full-service digital agency that offers all-encompassing solutions from paid search and programmatic display to social media marketing and Connected TV/OTT, all powered by our Momentum digital ad platform. We pride ourselves on acting as a full extension of our clients - always keeping their vision and goals top of mind.

We’ll leverage our innovative tools and digital experts to meet the fast-paced demands of your business and offer data-driven strategies alongside a media mix that’s completely customized for your dealership to ensure success, optimal ROI and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Momentum Search

Sokal’s Momentum platform is a leading technology platform that, in part, delivers optimized Paid Search campaigns generating high quality website traffic through highly relevant ads that increase lead and conversion volume that will outperform your current Paid Search campaigns. Momentum Search campaigns run on both Google and Bing.

Infiniti Digital

A / B tested custom ad copy

Continuous budget adjustments (6x / day through the Momentum platform)

Keyword optimization tool identifies underperforming keywords (e.g., low quality score, high cost per click, low click through rate, low conversion rate)

Unique “waterfall” negative keyword strategy that aligns higher converting keywords with the person who is searching closer to the bottom of the buying journey (i.e., ready to purchase)

Top zip code targeting, radius targeting and automated bid adjustment in a dealerships most strategic geographic areas

Infiniti Digital

Momentum Display & Dynamic Retargeting

95% of dealerships have a top-of-mind awareness less than 5% of the time. Sokal’s Momentum display and retargeting solutions help build your brand faster by delivering compelling and compliant display ads that reach the top of the funnel car buyers and then keeps them engaged throughout their buying process.

Momentum programmatically delivers display retargeting ads dynamically to the right audiences based on the specific make and model that they viewed on your dealership website.

Target in-market audiences specific to your brand and audiences of people specifically on vehicle shopping and researching on the most popular 3rd party listing and automotive websites

Dynamic VIN specific co-op compliant ads

Strategic sales zip code targeting combined with radius targeting for highly-localized campaigns

Continuously-updated audiences with our Momentum proprietary optimization tool

Infiniti Digital

Momentum Social

Momentum Social combines VIN-Specific inventory ads, custom carousel ads, video and Facebook lead ads to deliver potential buyers from the awareness stage all the way through the decision phase of their car buying journey. Generate awareness, retarget those who’ve shown interest and convert to highly qualified leads with advanced audience targeting, whether their scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.

Various ad formats served at the right time to the right person (e.g., single image, carousel, video, collection, lead ads)

Dynamic carousel ads serve inventory directly from the site based on user interaction and the specific make and model that they viewed the most on your website.

Engagement-based audiences paired with lookalike audiences that generates a deliberate audience strategy

Infiniti Digital

Momentum Digital Video

Our Momentum Digital Video solution utilizes our Momentum Video Network to deliver rich video content on YouTube TruView and Streaming Video (e.g., Over-the-top and Connected TV inventory) across custom unique audiences and that leverage network learnings at the lowest cost of delivery (CPM) or the lowest cost of viewership (Cost per completed view).

If you don’t have video assets available, we have a library of compliant videos for you to choose from that were all created and produced in-house.

Sites include: ESPN, CBS, NBC, HULU, YouTube, A&E, etc.

Devices include: Roku, Fire, Apple TV, etc.

Strategic sales zip code targeting combined with radius targeting for highly-localized campaigns

Continuously-updated audiences with our Momentum proprietary optimization tool

Specific in-market audiences for your specific make and model or for conquesting goals

In-house production team to craft custom, compliant creative videos

Advertising that breaks through the noise