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Kia Digital Pricing & Packages

Sokal Media Group strives to build strong personal relationships with each client to better understand their needs and focus. We pride ourselves on acting as a fluid extension of our clients always keeping their vision clearly in sight. Sokal Media Group employees work with a dynamic sense of urgency while prioritizing impeccable accuracy.

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Advertising Offerings

Branded, location, new car terms
Call tracking
Custom creative 
Custom targeting 
Display Retargeting   
Custom creative 
High-frequency retargeting 
PreRoll Video  
1-month flights  
Custom targeting  
Everything Includes   
Dedicated account strategist
Advanced reporting platform
Campaign monitoring and optimization
Co-op matched funds

Custom Options Available

Victory Lap Add-Ons

Used Car/Inventory Marketing SearchPricing
Put each used car on your lot in front of a potential buyer with our custom dynamic inventory ads Google/Yahoo/Bing co-op matched funds$1,019
Blitz PreRoll 
Run a short high-frequency flight over 3-4 days to project urgency and generate immediate action$1,019
The Buzz 
Run a highly-targeted event-related display or video campaign to spread brand awareness during sports, weather, or news events$1,019
Serve video ads where people will see them - on connected tv and video streaming$2,019
Target social media with custom audiences or detailed targeting$519
See below for packages/pricingVaries

SEO Packages

For Sokal Sites Only

With automotive SEO local content is essential, so our web platform naturally structures meta data around your location. Our SEO and website team collaborate to craft custom content targeting your customer base and apply directly to your Sokal site. Additionally, we focus on building an organic presence through back linking with our third-party partners. Then, our dedicated experts will evaluate your organic presence each month and make adjustments accordingly.


Included with Sokal Website

  • Meta Data Description
  • Model Research Pages
  • Site Maintenance

Cost per Month: FREE


Includes all lower package features PLUS...

  • Custom Homepage Content
  • Templated Content (optimizing current pages)
  • Quarterly Reporting

Cost per Month: $399


Includes all lower package features PLUS...

  • Directory Listing Synchronization
  • Premium Custom Content
  • Behavioral Tracking
  • 2 Brand Blog Posts (monthly)
  • Monthly Evaluation + Reporting

Cost per Month: $699

Fully Loaded

Includes all lower package features PLUS...

  • Competitor Analysis
  • 4 Blog Posts (monthly)
  • Heat Sheet
  • Social Media Consultation
  • Google Posts (once a week)

Cost per Month: $1,099

Add-on Bundle

Added to any level package

  • Social Media Consultation
  • Google Posts (once a week)

Cost per Month: $199

Model Research Videos

Cost per Month: $49

For questions and support, please contact the Sokal team at info@gosokal.com or call 1-888-99-SOKAL