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Momentum Digital Advertising

Sokal’s Momentum platform is a leading technology platform designed to deliver optimized multi-channel digital marketing to our dealer partners. Momentum provides custom creative and custom user defined experiences to help achieve maximum business outcomes.

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Momentum Search

Sokal’s Momentum platform is a leading technology platform that, in part, delivers optimized Paid Search campaigns generating high quality website traffic through highly relevant ads that increase lead and conversion volume that will outperform your current Paid Search campaigns. Momentum Search campaigns run on both Google and Bing and include New Car, CPO and Fixed Ops.

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A / B tested custom ad copy

Continuous budget adjustments (6x / day through the Momentum platform)

Keyword optimization tool identifies underperforming keywords (e.g., low quality score, high cost per click, low click through rate, low conversion rate)

Unique “waterfall” negative keyword strategy that aligns higher converting keywords with the person who is searching closer to the bottom of the buying journey (i.e., ready to purchase)

Top zip code targeting, radius targeting and automated bid adjustment in a dealerships most strategic geographic areas

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Momentum Display & Dynamic Retargeting

95% of dealerships have a top-of-mind awareness less than 5% of the time. Sokal’s Momentum display and retargeting solutions help build your brand faster by delivering compelling and compliant display ads that reach the top of the funnel car buyers and then keeps them engaged throughout their buying process.

Momentum programmatically delivers display retargeting ads dynamically to the right audiences based on the specific make and model that they viewed on your dealership website.

Target in-market audiences specific to your brand and audiences of people specifically on vehicle shopping and researching on the most popular 3rd party listing and automotive websites

Dynamic VIN specific co-op compliant ads

Strategic sales zip code targeting combined with radius targeting for highly-localized campaigns

Continuously-updated audiences with our Momentum proprietary optimization tool

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Momentum Social

Momentum Social combines VIN-Specific inventory ads, custom carousel ads, video and Facebook lead ads to deliver potential buyers from the awareness stage all the way through the decision phase of their car buying journey. Generate awareness, retarget those who’ve shown interest and convert to highly qualified leads with advanced audience targeting, whether their scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.

Various ad formats served at the right time to the right person (e.g., single image, carousel, video, collection, lead ads)

Dynamic carousel ads serve inventory directly from the site based on user interaction and the specific make and model that they viewed the most on your website.

Engagement-based audiences paired with lookalike audiences that generates a deliberate audience strategy

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Momentum Audiences

Sokal Audience Technology takes the guesswork out of your digital advertising campaigns, making sure that your ads are in front of the right people at the right time to make sure they are listening to what you have to say through your advertising.

Utilize 3rd party data to reach specific demographic profiles (Household Income, Age, Gender)

Reach specific people based on where they are in their buying journey like their search behavior, website they have visited and specific makes and models they are considering

Leverage dealer’s 1st Party Data (CRM and DMS data) to reach current customers

Audiences from the customers shopping and visiting your website

Retargeting lists that ensure that your advertising stays in front of people who have visited your website

Reach across all devices with cross device tracking and retargeting (someone sees your Connected TV and then gets retargeted with a relevant display ad)

Momentum SEO

With automotive, SEO local content is essential. Our team structures metadata around your location and our SEO content specialists collaborate to craft custom messaging while focusing on building an organic presence by back-linking with our third party partners. Sokal’s SEO can be applied to any website platform, allowing you to own your local market and grow your organic traffic. We constantly evaluate performance and make adjustments to help you own your local market and grow your organic traffic.

Mazda Digital

Improve your ranking during internet searches

Widen your scope of potential clients and extend the reach of your dealership website

Unique content created specific to your ideal audience and brand

Leverage our SEO experts who are specialized in automotive

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Momentum Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to target your potential market. It allows you to target with pinpoint accuracy potential buyers that are currently in the market for a car, thus infusing yourself into their current search and putting your dealership name in the forefront of their mind. The added bonus with email marketing is that it’s a gateway to retargeting, allowing for even more increased brand awareness.

Rich, dynamic creative designed custom by our in-house creative team

Completely customized campaign strategy and targeting designed specifically with your dealership goals in mind

Access to our in-house content writers and designers whose sole job is to focus on creating the best email campaigns in the industry

We consistently run A/B tests, along with statistical analysis to determine what does and doesn’t work ensuring the greatest ROI

Sales matchback reporting provides insight into each campaign’s success

Google Analytics tagging

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Sokal Creative Services

In today’s market, it’s crucial you stand out from the pack - not get lost in it so when a customer is shopping for a new vehicle, they think of your dealership first over the competition. Our award-winning creative team designs can work with you to provide your dealership a unique voice, our services include:

Special page creative

Website homepage sliders

Print ad creation

Custom logos

Event banners

Branding and re-branding

Creative strategy

Customized design fit for your dealership

Quick turn-around times

Website consistently updated

Attract more buyers with unique creative

Which product is right for you?

Paid Search



Paid Social (Facebook/Instagram)

Digital Video


Streaming Audio

Creative Services

Print ads, logos, event logos, branding updates, website banners, website specials and more

Email Marketing

Conquest Campaigns or CRM List Campaigns

Includes Artwork + Sales Matchback

Minimum Recommended Budget $1,000/mo


Starter Package

Our starter SEO package is for those who need basic local SEO management. This package is designed for dealerships in low to moderately competitive markets. SEO Consultant Support is available via email.

Website & SEO Audit

Google Search Console Setup

Metadata Audit

Content Audit

Site Health Audit

Directory Synchronization

Google My Business

Basic Profile Setup & Optimization Review

Support for Creation & Verification of New Pages

UTM Tracking


Status Review & Recommendations Report

Yearly Strategy Review & Comprehensive Performance Report


Starter Package Plus

Our Premium SEO Package is more comprehensive and for those who need active local SEO management. This package is designed for dealerships in moderate to highly competitive markets. SEO Consultant Support is available via email.

Website & SEO Audit

Dedicated SEO Analyst

Heat Sheet Leads

Online Presence Audit

Targeted Keyword Research

Google My Business

Dedicated SEO Analyist

Real Time Alert Monitoring for User

Suggested Changes

Regular Posting on Main Dealership Page

Product Carousel Updates

On/Off Page SEO

Dedicated SEO Analyst

Metadata Creation

Original, Optimized, Strategy-Based Content Creation

Internal Link Building

Backlink Cleanup & Monitoring


Dedicated SEO Analyist

Monthly SEO Performance Reports with Custom Options Available

Mid-Year Strategy Review & Comprehensive Performance Report


Our Elite SEO Package is our highest level. This package is designed for dealerships in highly competitive markets, transitioning dealerships going through a recent name change, or those who want to highly expand their organic footprint. SEO Consultant Support is available via email.

Website & SEO Audit

Behavioral Tracking (Heat Maps)

Competitor Analysis

Google My Business

Regular Posting on Service & Parts Pages

Product Carousel Updates on Service & Parts Pages

10 Custom Keyword Tracking (per month)

10 Geogrids (per month)

Discounted Photography Session of Dealership Exterior & Interior with our Studio Photographers

Google Cars for Sale Inventory

On/Off Page SEO

Blog Management


Monthly Keyword Performance Report (Up to 50 Requested Keywords, Full Organic Search Position List, & Competitor Keyword Gap)

Monthly Google My Business Performance Report

Quarterly Strategy Review & Comprehensive Performance Report

Advertising that breaks through the noise