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Momentum is the web platform made to save your dealership money and increase your ROI. Custom websites with advanced features like personalization and smart filters is just the beginning. Momentum reporting is cleaner and faster, showing you the stats and data attribution you want in real-time on every part of your digital campaigns.

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Momentum Websites

Our Momentum websites come with all of the same great features as our base websites, but with the addition of new technology like personalized shopping experiences, smart filters based on popularity, easy inventory tech, and industry-leading conversion tools.

Shopper Personalized Experiences

Momentum websites are truly an extension of your dealership, unique to you and to the shopper, converting at 2 to 3 times the industry average. Momentum websites deliver the fastest experiences that are designed with user experience and user interface research to drive conversions while being easy to navigate.

User ExperiencePersonal Experience

Momentum Smart Filters

Our Smart Filter technology changes based on the most popular features of the specific model a user views, including the trim, creating a faster, more custom experience for the car shopper.

This feature helps the user get to the right vehicle the right way, without having to comb through and re-find vehicles they have already looked at, quickly selecting the trim and features that are most important to them.

Smart Filters

The Better Endless Scroll

The Momentum sites are optimized to allow car shoppers to not only find what they are looking for fast, but also to view more inventory quicker, using Sokal's infinite scroll technology, which results in more leads.

We've optimized the typical SRP layouts to be as mobile friendly as possible, giving user the ability to swipe left and right to view the vehicle pictures and specs, all while maintaining the ability to share and favorite vehicles from the same part of the screen.

Smart Filters
Vehicle Specs

Conversion Based Experiences

Sokal's Momentum websites are equipped with some of the best third-party, industry-leading tools -- and the best part is they are all managed in one place so that you don't have to worry about the integrations. These tools were designed (and proven) to bring true conversions on your website.


Plus The Same Great Web Features

Site Maps

Enhanced Site Maps

Integrated geographic and inventory sitemap features give you a head start on your competition and boosts your organic relevancy.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Having different versions of your website for desktop and mobile is a thing of the past. Our responsive designed sites are optimized based on the device to max our conversions.

Price Options

Multiple Price Options

We know what buttons convert to leads, and we will customize them in a way that optimizes your lead and conversion volume, including the unlock price button.

Price Alerts

Price Alerts

Automatically email customers who want to know when a price drops on a vehicle without jumping to another web page.

Incentive Data Integration

Incentive Data Integration

We know transparent pricing is important to the consumer. We can integrate all or some OEM incentives into your pricing layout with the click of a button.

Momentum Reporting

The Momentum websites and reporting work together to solve two key issues: (1) bottom heavy campaigns that cause dealerships to increase ad spend over the years, despite the lower cost of digital versus traditional media, (2) not providing your next customer with what they need at the exact moment they need it, decreasing performance. Momentum analytics will give you the real time data you need to adjust your strategies and give your customers what they are looking for.

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Momentum Reporting

A Better Data Dashboard

Our Momentum Dashboard gives you real-time stats, all of the time. Find the data you are looking for faster by reviewing your dealership's Account Health Report, and easily switch between your website analytics, digital campaign impressions, search ad data, and everything else -- all in one powerful dashboard.

Easily create logins for anyone who needs one to view the dashboard, or export PDFs and Excel files to share your dealer analytics with your staff.

Momentum Dashboard


Our Digital Advertising Visitor ID (DAVid) technology tags and identifies all of your traffic. We then perform first and last touch attribution for the events that matter most to your business, and we calculate an average traffic score for your online shoppers. We can even tell you what a customer did before and after they submitted a lead or picked up the phone to call your store. Sokal traffic scores 33% higher on average than other dealer website providers.

Traffic Stats

Sales Attribution

Using nightly data from your DMS, we can identify the visitor on your website that eventually purchased a vehicle in your store! Using three different deterministic matching methods, we can make this identification without a lead form ever being submitted through your website. Plus, our store visit conversion stats will be even stronger now that Google is releasing their Dealer Guidebook 2.0. In-store visit conversions are available to all size stores, regardless of whether or not your store qualifies for Google's in-store visit tracking.

Ad Stats

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