What is Momentum?

Sokal understands the importance of cutting-edge digital advertising strategies and technology. That’s why we created Momentum.

From your custom website, to personalized banner ad campaigns, Momentum is at the core of all things digital and tech. And with our Momentum analytics dashboard, you can analyze campaign data with ease.

Momentum Stats

Momentum Products

Our sites will raise your number of leads by using digital behavior tracking systems to evaluate and enhance consumer-website interaction along with custom content.

Whether you are attempting to generate brand awareness or showcase special deals, video ads can help you connect with users on an emotional level.

These highly targeted banner ads send engaging content to reach new customers and engage with already interested users in as many places as possible.

Connected TV (CTV) lets you serve video ads on TV apps like Sling and Crackle, or on over-the-top (OTT) devices like Chromecast, Roku, and Xbox One to the customers you are looking for.

Our TrueReview platform allows you to manage online reviews and easily respond from any channel like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Our conquest emails are targeted in client DMAs to users who are likely to show interest in your products or services using behavioral analytics.

“When will we see stats?” Immediately. Our custom analytics platform provides you with live-time statistics for campaigns, impressions, leads, and other important metrics.

Our coordinators will post your monthly YouTube videos using eye-grabbing copy and tagging to get you views.

Sokal’s SEO team optimizes your website content in order to rank higher in organic search results in search engines, increasing website leads, and traffic.

Momentum Social puts your brand in front of 200+ million monthly car shoppers whether they’re scrolling on Facebook or Instagram - keeping your business top of mind against the competition and allowing you to efficiently own your backyard.

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