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Mystery Shops

Shop your store and your competitors the same way your customers do: by phone, internet, or in peerson! See how your BDC compares to the competition. With secret shopping you see every email or hear every call captured with response time data on a score card.

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How It Works

We're serious. Just choose how you would like to secretly shop your store along with two competitors and we will start the process and record your results on a scoreboard. You will be able to see what is going well and what might need improvement. We'll show you how your staff performed online, via phone calls, and even in the showroom!

Mystery Shopping

What To Expect

Whether you choose to secret shop digitally or physically, we will give you a detailed report on how the greeting was, if a test drive was offered, how pricing conversations went -- everything down to attempting to close the sale. Plus, we'll rate how you compare to your two main competitors right along side you.

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Looking for a Different BDC Approach?

Gemini BDC

For only $8 a lead, you can hava a fully managed BDC. Your headaches, extra fees, and anything else associated with managing your BDC can go away. Even staffing and training is handled with Gemini.

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Sales Training

Our automotive sales training is designed to fit your needs. We will establish processes that get your team the results you've been looking for. We'll help with phone skills, CRM best practices, and much more.

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Tell us a little bit about your dealership's BDC and we will get your Mystery Shopping service started ASAP!