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Customized Paid Search Advertising designed to target specific audiences and locations based on consumer search terms and sales data. Our experts capture the lowest funnel traffic and optimize the reach of your ad campaigns daily.

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What You Get

PPC Services

The best of current pay per click services

Inventory Marketing

Dynamic inventory marketing program to strategize sales

Premier Partners

Premier Google and Bing select partners

Leads and Conversions

New leads and increased conversions for your website

Beta Programs

The latest features, experiments, and Beta programs


Higher search visibility

A Better Return

Paid Search Advertising is the industry's most effective tool for driving conversions in a competitive digital market. Our Paid Search specialists will analyze trends and tools within multiple search engine domains to direct the flow of website traffic to your desired landing page. Sokal's Paid Search experts are experienced in targeting the lowest funnel traffic for your search, which means more efficiency in the use of your money to reach the right people at the right time. Our hands-on team is constantly optimizing paid search marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competition in an ever-growing digital market.

Dynamic Inventory Marketing, one of our many in-house programs that has been improved over the years, dynamically creates ads based on Used and Preowned vehicles on your lot. This tool allows us to put your inventory in front of lower funnel users looking for specific Preowned vehicles.

Paid Search Advertising is proven to help increase your number of monthly leads and conversions; this service is the key to success for businesses hoping to beat out the competition in consumer visibility and increased brand awareness. Sokal’s paid search experts are Premier Google Partners and Bing Select Partners, which means that we are accredited by the search engines that your clients use the most. This connection gives our specialists access to the newest features and beta programs so that Sokal can deliver the best possible paid search service. This also allows our agency experts to optimize your ads for the latest in paid search services as search engine best practices evolve over time. Best of all, Sokal allows you to choose your campaigns and the area of your business you would like to grow through paid search advertising.

When you partner with Sokal, you partner with our entire industry-leading agency. Our naturally-optimized landing pages help us rank higher in pay-per-click ads. These ads are designed around the keywords your future clients are using in their Internet searches. Together, Sokal’s paid search offerings allow unbeatable attention for your business, effectively getting you noticed by customers and growing your business. Get heightened customer attention in your area with Sokal’s paid search services.

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