Capital Lincoln

Attention Grabbing Commercial to Build Brand Awareness

About Capital Lincoln

The Scope

The goal of this campaign was to create a memorable and attention-grabbing commercial to raise brand awareness through high end production techniques and using local landmarks to stand apart from the crowd. The outcome was a truly unique type of local dealership commercial that keeps the attention of viewers with beautiful cinematography.

What We Delivered


Organic traffic


Custom footage

Project Highlight

So many dealerships settle for the status quo and use the same assets that every other dealership uses provided by the major manufacturer. By using local, custom footage, Sokal continually creates unique content for each of our clients that reflects their local community geography and atmosphere.

Because Capital Ford of Wilmington is near the beach, we intentionally shot footage of their products near local landmarks such as the Battleship North Carolina, beaches and city streets to instantly build a deeper brand connection. Additionally, we collected unique shots of the area to use into the future. The custom running footage the Sokal studio team provided is distinct from the typical manufacturer running footage, setting the client apart from other dealers in the area.