Pops Mart

Whether it's coming up with deals of the week, or a group of illustrated snacks to place on merchandise, we’ve got you covered.

Pops Mart
About Pops Mart

What is Pops Mart?

Located all over South Carolina, Pops Mart is a group of over 20 convenience stores and counting. Due to new ownership they came to Sokal looking for a full rebrand and website creation, from start to finish. Now this is no easy feat, but our in-house team knew just where to start. With a 70s color scheme and a modern, retro twist Pops Mart took off, literally. Down the Darlington Raceway, but we’ll get to that later.

The Strategy

Pops Drops

Everyone loves when something is on sale, but what if you don’t know what to call it, or what should be on sale, or where to promote it? The questions on this topic are endless, that’s why with Pops Mart, Sokal created Pops Drops. Weekly deals sent right to customers' email, to always keep them in the loop.

Start Your Engines

Working with Sokal gives our clients access to REAL racing in REAL time. Pops Mart partnered with Sokal to have a car wrapped in their personal branding for the Darlington Speedway Nascar race. This gives our clients a chance to be broadcasted nationally without any Nascar branding interrupting your own. So, start your engines and get ready to RACE.