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Case Study

renu med spa

Matching the Look and Feel to the Elegance and Professionalism of rēnu

The Challenge

rēnu came to Sokal in need of a complete brand overhaul. They were initially looking for a new website design, some better marketing tactics, and an easier way for their clients to inquire about appointments. But after a few meetings, it was clear that it was time for rēnu to launch a brand new look and feel that matched the elegance and professionalism of their work ethic.

The Outcome

Sokal’s marketing team delivered a fresh brand identity, complete with a new and contemporary logo, a website re-design with an improved UX, custom iconography specific to each service, and newly printed collateral (business cards, brochures, and signs). Our production team provided new photography and videography in order to create commercial spots for Connected TV campaigns. rēnu’s clientele received the new look with great excitement.

Project Scope

  • Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Branding & Identity
  • Web Design & UX
  • Video Production
  • CTV/OTT Spot
  • SEO
  • Print & Signage

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renu business cards

The Brand Strategy

A lot of the new look and feel for rēnu stemmed from researching their target audience, their competitors, the staff’s work ethic, and overall vibe of their newly revealed location. It turned out that the majority of rēnu’s audience ranged anywhere from 18 to past 40 years old, specifically women. With the audience figured out, we wanted to design something that would resonate with everyone without being too flashy, but without being too boring.

The previous rēnu logo was a script based typographic logo with the silhouette of a women in the back-ground and a pink and sky blue gradient oval outline. Sokal decided to create a logo from scratch that would serve rēnu’s current and future customers well. After receiving some feedback from the rēnu team, the central theme they wanted to convey was “calming.” Many times, a med spa experience can be scary or even stressful, so they wanted to evoke a sense of ease when someone sees their brand.

We believed a leaf was a great way to convey several themes: one being calmness, a sense of being in tune with nature, but also a “royal-treatment” vibe, where the long stem might remind you of being fanned while relaxing. We utilized this icon in many of rēnu’s new identity collateral, and it lends itself especially well to web-based effects.

renu colors

The colors were relatively easy to choose, as rēnu had already chosen a very deep navy blue as their primary wall color in their new location. Plus, they had a vast amount of new marble furniture lined with golden accents.

Naturally, we decided to go with a gold as a secondary color to use for the leaf, new iconagraphy, buttons, and plenty more. We went with a safe grey that complimented the navy to use for text-heavy areas, and a ballerina pink was kept from their old logo to use for subtle accents and points of attraction.

renu icons

Our artists designed brand new icons to match each one of rēnu’s services, from their many facial offerings, to painless laser hair removal. We researched each specific service to come up with ideas for visual representations that would match what happens in each service.

These icons are used in many ways, from printed brochures and coupons to digital ads. Our main goal was to make sure all of these assets were custom to rēnu med spa—no stock icons or photography was used in the development of this brand.

The Website

Sokal delivered a new web-design, developed completely from our internal systems (no Wordpress or drag and drop editors). We developed a new look and user experience that uses the logo elements and colors to create consistency between their physical location and their website. We created a new navigation so that it would be easier for users to find the service they are looking for.

renu website

Each service has its own page along with pictures of the machine or the procedure itself, as well as before and after pictures of patients. Many things that were missing are now up and running on rēnu’s new site, such as staff photos, products they use and sell, and a consistent blog format. We avoided the need for any third-party scheduling system and created an inquiry form for patients to get started with the consultation process.

renu mobile website

We made sure rēnu’s new site was completely responsive and mobile-friendly without limiting the desktop experience, look, and feel. Their site is now easy to navigate, helping you get to the service or offer you are looking for faster.

Sokal’s SEO team was also involved in this project, making sure that rēnu’s ranking would maintain itself during a complete transfer, as well as adding new blog content on a monthly basis. Within 30 days of the site’s launch, rēnu’s direct and organic traffic increased with viewers showing up from as far as California (without any paid search in place).

rēnu’s viewership now has ample information to peruse in order to help them make the best decision on a service, offer, or even referral program.

The Video

rēnu was ready to start targeting their audience in advanced ways like Connected TV. Our production and marketing teams collaborated to make a list of shots we thought would be best for this TV spot. We filmed every room of their new location, all the equipment, and even services being performed. We used this footage in the b-roll of the website homepage as well to create some consistency between what you see on the TV and what you see when you visit the site.

After launching a successful CTV campaign, rēnu’s impressions now average around 40-45K per month with a video completion rate averaging 95%. You can watch the video down below.

The Results

rēnu’s brand refresh was a great success, with brand new logo and sub-logo designs, new web designs, commercial spots, beautiful photography, and improved marketing strategies. Stephanie, the practice manager, and her team immediately got to work marketing their new look and took to social media to announce their grand opening. They had a fantastic turnout with many people complimenting and appreciating their new look. We look forward to growing our partnership with rēnu and helping them each their customers in innovative ways.

renu sign
renu art

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