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Sales Training

Just like doctors, teachers, and athletes continue to train and build their skill sets, we believe the same approach applies to your dealership sales staff. Let us help improve the sales performance of your team and increase your retention rates.

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How It Works

Sokal's automotive sales training is designed to fit your dealership's needs anywhere in the current structure. We will establish processes for everyone, from new hires with no experience to the most tenured sales professionals. Our dealer coaches will build slexible material that aligns to the job duties, core values, and company policies within your dealership.

What To Expect

Here are some highlights from our established sales training programs.

Leveled Training Program

Leveled training for new hires with material covering introductory, intermediate, and advanced type dealer programs.

Refocus Training

Rehab training to refocus and establish a team for your areas of focus and specific needs.

Skills Training

Training for phone skills, CRM best practices, and more to help your salespeople leverage the tools they have to take ownership of their business.

Manager Tools

Manager tools to help in the coaching process in order to keep the team engaged.

Looking for a Different BDC Approach?

Gemini BDC

For only $8 a lead, you can hava a fully managed BDC. Your headaches, extra fees, and anything else associated with managing your BDC can go away. Even staffing and training is handled with Gemini.

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Secret Shops

Shop your store the way your customers do. With Secret Shops, you can see every email or hear every call captured with response time data on a score card. See how your bDC compares to the competition.

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Tell us a little bit about your dealership's BDC and we will reach out to get things started with your sales training!