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Why Sokal

The digital landscape is crowded, the key way Sokal stands out is through unique partnerships, audiences, campaign execution and a true white glove customer approach.

Our digital team has you covered

Everything we do is in-house from the production of a video ad to creating FB carousels to the tech we utilize to optimize and launch campaigns and websites. We leverage partners where it makes sense but really try to do the majority of the work for our retailers in-house as a full-service partner.

Sokal in Automotive

20+ Years In Automotive

Sokal Employees

150+ Employees Representing 8 States

Two Offices

2 Offices

Account Ratio 25:1

Account Ratio

6 OEM Programs

6 OEM Programs

24/7 Support

24/7 Support & 100% US Based

Digital advertising services

All digital advertising services are sold a la carte to fit the needs of your dealership depending on your specific goals and priorities.

20% management fee + $499 market data fee

Subaru Approved Channels

Programmatic Display/Retargeting

Paid Search

Paid Social

Digital Video


Creative Services

Provision of traditional and digital creative advertising services to assist retailers in bringing their brand to life to target shoppers and increase sales. (ex: web banner slides, event logos, website specials, custom display & social creative). Offered in a tiered package structure: Standard, Premium and Custom.


Standard Package

4 Webslides/Multisliders

1 eBlast

4 Website Assets (pop-ups, SR strips, web images)


4 Social (three sizes of each)

Print Design/Special Projects


Premium Package

5 Webslides/Multisliders

2 eBlasts

5 Website Assets (pop-ups, SR strips, web images)


5 Social (three sizes of each)

1 Print Design/Special Project

Custom creative plans available.

Production Studio

Template Kinetic Video

Templated kinetic video, localized and exclusive to your retail location (:15 sec), no VoiceOver, 2 options available: deal-based or text-based (why buy, sales event, accolades, etc).

Custom Kinetic Video

Completely custom (:15 secs) kinetic video, no VoiceOver.

Template Video W/ Localization

:15 sec. $495 or :30 sec. $795 - Makes use of running footage, optional VO, text offers and transitions. (**Doesn’t include custom footage, complex animations — 1920x1080 only).

On Location Running Footage/custom

B-roll package with on location custom running footage (footage options include: vehicles, local landmarks/areas of interest, service bays, employee/ customer interaction footage) - additional travel fees not included.


Our new SEO packages have been reshaped to provide greater performance, value, and are built around best-in-class and proprietary tools to improve your brand ranking, helping your site outrank competitors.

Through a partnership with external former Google search engineers, we continually refine our expertise to outperform competitors at a reasonable cost. By purchasing an SEO package with Sokal you will be able to leverage our SEO experts who are specialized in automotive SEO.


Our starter SEO package is for those who need basic local SEO management. This package is designed for retailers in low to moderately competitive markets. SEO Consultant Support is available via email.

  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Metadata Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Site Health Audit
  • Directory Synchronization
  • Basic Profile Setup & Optimization Review
  • Support for creation & verification of new pages
  • UTM Tracking
  • N/A
  • Status Review & Recommendations Report
  • Yearly Strategy Review and Comprehensive Performance Report


Our Premium SEO Package is more comprehensive and for those who need active local SEO management. This package is designed for retailers in moderate to highly competitive markets. SEO Consultant Support is available via email.

  • Dedicated SEO Analyst
  • Heat Sheet Leads
  • Online Presence Audit
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Dedicated SEO Analyst
  • Real Time Alert Monitoring for User
  • Suggested Changes
  • Regular Posting on Main Retailer Page
  • Product Carousel Updates
  • Dedicated SEO Analyst
  • Metadata Creation
  • Original, Optimized, Strategy-Based Content Creation
  • Internal Link Building
  • Backlink Cleanup & Monitoring
  • Dedicated SEO Analyst
  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports With Custom Options Available
  • Mid-Year Strategy Review & Comprehensive Performance Report


Our Elite SEO Package is our highest level. This package is designed for retailers in highly competitive markets, transitioning retailers going through a recent name change, or those who want to highly expand their organic footprint. SEO Consultant Support is available via email.

  • Behavioral Tracking (Heat Maps)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Regular Posting on Service & Parts Pages
  • Product Carousel Updates on Service & Parts Pages
  • 10 Custom Keyword Tracking (per month)
  • 10 Geogrids (per month)
  • Discounted Photography Session of Retailer Exterior and Interior with our Studio Photographers
  • Google Cars For Sale Inventory
  • Blog Management
  • Monthly Keyword Performance Report (Up To 50 Requested Keywords, Full Organic Search Position List, & Competitor Keyword Gap)
  • Monthly Google My Business Performance Report
  • Quarterly Strategy Review and Comprehensive Performance Report
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