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Sokal's developers continue to make sure we have the best tools in the industry. From custom applications and websites to real-time reporting, we've got you covered.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Our in-house CMS applications give our clients the capability to view metrics for various campaigns or projects, as well as even make edits on different parts of their campaigns. Website clients also have the ability to track leads through a back-office dashboard. Everything from Paid Search ads to Connected TV campaigns are tracked and logged in an easy to use dashboard for you.

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Custom Websites

Custom Websites

Sokal believes you need a fully-functional, fast, responsive website to take your dealership, product, or service to the next level and succeed in the digital world. Our sites are designed to raise the number of leads your company receives by improving interface efficiency and optimizing your overall web performance.

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The platform built to save your dealership time and money. Find out about our advanced website features, easy reporting systems, and sales attribution - all in one platform.

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