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Tier 4 Solutions

Tier 4 Marketing provides the tools salespeople need to promote themselves under your dealership and develop an endless referral network. Your dealership will experience an increase in gross while improving customer retention and reducing turnover.

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How It Works

Three main components make Tier 4 marketing invaluable: personal websites for sales staff, social media content, and a dedicated launch team ready to walk you through three easy steps.

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Personal Websites

Tier 4 allows salespeople to promote themselves under the dealership's name and image using personal websites that are unique to each salesperson. These websites include customer reviews, live inventory feeds, and much more!

Personal Websites

Social Media Content

Sokal will provide a host of relevant social content for salespeople to easily post to any of their social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all with just a click of a button.

Social Media

Dedicated Launch Team

The launch process for Tier 4 is broken up into three simple steps:

  • Light blue chevronSetup credentials and select URLs
  • Light blue chevronGo through App setup and best practices
  • Light blue chevronMake the first post from the salesfloor
Dedicated Launch Team

Reach out to get started

Let us know you are interested in Tier 4 Marketing and we will reach out as soon as possible to get the process started!

Tier 4 Marketing requires a $2,000 set-up fee, which includes a two-day in-person on-boarding and travel. Sokal will reserve the urls through the agency’s GoDaddy account, but will pass along renewal fees on an annual basis. Tier 4 marketing requires a 6 month contract, but may be cancelled at any time with a 30-day notice.