University Kia

Case Study

Providing An Exciting Commercial Experience For An Exciting New Location

The Challenge

University Kia needed an eye-catching and exciting commercial spot to show off their brand new lineup of Kia vehicles while announcing their new location in the Durham/Chapel Hill area. They needed professional videography, video editing, audio production, and a commercial spot marketing strategy.

The Outcome

Sokal produced and delivered a Night Drive video campaign that separated University Kia from their competitors. This commercial was unlike anything the store had ever run before, and it was quite different from the normal dealership spot. It's unique shots ensured brand recognition with Kia's customer base in Durham and Chapel Hill.

Project Scope

  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Videography
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Commercial Spot

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University Kia at night

The Video Strategy

For years, University Ford and University Kia shared the same lot on the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, North Carolina. With both stores so close together and inventory parked side by side, it was always difficult to tell the two dealerships apart. As business started to expand, both dealerships were looking to relocate.

University Kia was the first dealership to move. To complement this move, they needed a slight rebranding and a new image to set them apart from the University Ford store. University Kia trusted Sokal to create an exciting spot that would show off their new line of vehicles, promote the new image, and inform customers of their relocation.

University Kia Night Shoot

Our production team knew a nighttime campaign would be the perfect way to separate the Kia store from its competitors. Sokal's Night Drive campaign uses the night to set the tone for spots featuring the client's complete line of remarkable vehicles. We took exterior footage of both parked and driving Kia vehicles and mixed them with the appropriate mood music to favor the situation.

The Results

The end result was an upbeat and more sophisticated shot than your typical car commercial. We made sure to highlight Kia's premier quality cars to instigate a sens of desirability. This specialty spot successfully informed customers of University Kia's relocation, widened brand recognition, and separated University Kia from the local competitors.

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