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Video & Audio Production

Yep. We have a full-scale professional video and audio production team, complete with greens screens, drones, and all the other capabilities needed for both automotive and non-automotive production needs. From b-roll to commercials, we have you covered.

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What We Offer

Our production studio features a wide range of the latest editing software and video equipment. All of our videographers and editors are experts in the field, and every project is produced right here in Raleigh, NC. We serve clients nationwide, traveling to you to film amazing commercial spots, Connected TV spots, interviews, marketing and promotional videos, and plenty more.

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How We Got Here

Over the past couple of years, our in-house broadcasting studio evolved into a complete video and audio production studio thanks to our amazing videographers and editors. We have the tools and skills necessary to deliver high-quality video services to our clients while making sure their brand is represented efficiently across the board. Sokal saw a need for automotive production to be taken to a new level, so the production team was formed to ensure you get a unique experience and the results you want without the overused stock footage. We see each video through from conception to production, and we will always help curate the ideas so that your campaign connects with your audience the way you want it to.

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