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Custom Websites

Sokal believes you need a fully-functional, fast, responsive website to take your dealership, product, or service to the next level and succeed in the digital world. Our sites are designed to raise the number of leads your company receives by improving end-user interface efficiency and optimizing your overall web performance.

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How It Works

We use digital behavior tracking systems to evaluate and enhance consumer-website interaction. Sokal coordinators modify the layout of your site to help grow your customers, connections, and leads. Our websites are optimized using proper UI and UX design features, providing your customers with the most user-friendly experience possible. Our dealership and product-based websites have ease of use features like endless scroll to make sure your potential customers don’t have to work to see your inventory.

Designed For The Best

We’re proud to be partners with some of the best automotive groups in the East. Multiple teams have a hand in each website deployment, from graphic designers and photographers, to web developers and data strategists. Our sites are modular, so that you can have custom features that make both your desktop and mobile platform as unique as your business. And because of our exemplary customer service, you’ll never have to wait for a response or a pending task. If you need something fixed, added, or changed, we’ll get back to you immediately and begin working on the task.

Custom Website

Made For Mobile

Our web developers have a reputation for building sites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also user-friendly and responsive. We optimize your location to help you build reliable customer connections - customers who are likely using their phone to check out what kind of deals you have. Your site and its features are fully adaptable and responsive at all sizes, from the full-text search bar to the endless scroll of vehicle search results or product inventory feeds. Everything will be easy to find or search while on any mobile device. No matter how advanced your company’s website needs to be, we will make it happen.

Mobile Websites

User Behavior

For dealerships sites, it’s no surprise that your potential customers are going to be searching for a specific type of vehicle, which will lead them to models they are interested in. With Sokal’s user behavior tracking, we can log the vehicles a viewer looks at and then start offering more of those vehicle models to the top of their searches. This is a powerful way to ensure that the user continues to see your inventory over someone else’s, while also reasserting their desire for the vehicle they’ve been searching for. Our goal is to make your website work for you as well as for your potential customers.

Custom Website

Site Maps

There’s a lot of ways to make your website beautiful, clever, or quick. While we can do those things, we are just as much concerned with the visibility of your website. One of the tried and true ways to get your website seen is by integrating an extremely detailed site map. In fact, we believe it’s so important, our CEO made a video demonstrating one. Check it out.

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Need a website?

Whether you are a dealership or any other kind of company, let us know your needs, and we will make a website that works for you.