Email Marketing

Capital Ford of Wilmington is a certified Ford Dealership with inventory for new, used, and certified Ford vehicles near the East Coast beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Goal

Capital Ford of Wilmington needed a custom email creative to express their outstanding deal: up to 25 percent off the MSRP of 2018 Ford F-150s. The email would need to include a condensed website navigation bar and show subsequent offers for three other vehicles with tasteful CTAs.

The Outcome

Sokal provided a custom HTML email creative to Capital Ford of Wilmington, which was sent out to 20,000 unique automotive intenders. The email creative had approximately 3500 successful opens along with 430 confirmed clicks to the four respective landing pages.

Project Scope

  •  Email Marketing
  •  Custom HTML
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Audience Targeting
  •  Analytics Tracking


The first stage in creating this email was identifying the audience. Capital Ford of Wilmington wanted to target people who would be interested in domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Alongside the 2018 F-150 offer, the 2018 Ford Explorer, Ford Fusion, and Ford Escape models were offered, giving viewers several options that would appeal to their lifestyle.

The goal of the subject line was to evoke curiosity in the viewer. Our template allowed Capital Ford of Wilmington to insert the name of the recipient in the subject of the email along with the short phrase, “we may have something for you,” to instigate opening the email. Together with the dealership, we came up with this preview line description: “All through 2018 you said, “Maybe next year.” Guess what? It’s next year.”

Lastly, our in-house Art team developed a stunning email design that incorporated the condensed navigation and provided space for action shots of the four vehicles. This creative was concise, clean, and straight-forward, allowing the viewer to easily navigate and decide whether or not to click through to one of the vehicle landing pages.