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Zoom Dealer Conferencing

Zoom conferencing is the newest way to engage with your customers instantly from the SRP or VDP with the click of a button. Set your Zoom meeting hours and drive customers to your showroom virtually. It's easy, safe, and convenient for you and the customer.

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How does Zoom work?

Sokal will add a Zoom meeting integration to your SRP and VDP with a simple button. This will prompt the customer to fill out a quick form which then provides them with a secure Zoom link via email and text. The Zoom call can start immediately or be scheduled for later in the day!

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Benefits of Zoom

Zoom meetings are completely safe, secure, and convenient for both the dealership and the customer. You can easily set your hours of availability so that the leads coming in after hours can schedule a Zoom call for the next day. Zoom meetings promote face-to-face connections which help build rapport, trust, and speed up the car buying process. It is affordable for the dealership and free for the customers to use.

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Virtually Connect With Customers

Zoom meetings are a great solution for driving people to your showroom and turning leads into customers. These virtual meetings allow you to show them the car they are interested in and talk about finance options, trade-ins, vehicle delivery, or anything else right from their desktop or mobile device. Sokal also offers Virtual Test Drive where viewers can see the car in action from the comfort of their own home.

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